Stephanie Topolgus

Owner & Creative Director, Creative Type Events

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Stephanie Topolgus is the owner and creative director of Creative Type Events and also manages Topo's 403, a private events venue in the historic Topolgus Building in downtown Bloomington, Indiana.  Stephanie has 20+ years of experience in the arts and non-profits organizations as well.  After earning a Masters Degree in Arts Management at The American University in Washington, DC, Stephanie worked for several major cultural institutions including the National Gallery of Art, National Academy of Sciences, and the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas at Austin.  A Bloomington native and Indiana University alumna, Stephanie returned to her hometown to raise her son James near extended family and is thrilled to support and further the arts in town.  



A Family Affair

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Topo's 403 means more than just a beautiful space or a delicious meal; it is a way of honoring a family history and it's long-held dreams.  The restored 1870s townhouse on Walnut has been in the Topolgus family since Stephanie's grandfather opened his medical practice there in 1947. Stephanie's father, Dr. Jim Topolgus, practiced medicine there until moving his offices in the mid-1990s. When the building was empty, it opened up an opportunity "Topo" had been waiting for. 

"The business began because of my dad," Stephanie says. "It was his sentimental dream to revive the days of his mother's family restaurant." That restaurant was The Gables, and the Poolitsan family ran it from 1932 to 1979. "It was a fabled IU institution, a Greek-American soda fountain. And my dad really wanted to recreate the family-run feeling of The Gables."

Topolgus says owning the building and having the dream made it all come together. 


Here is what people are saying about us.


Over the past 7 years under our belt, we have a lot of experience serving Bloomington.  Here are some of our rave reviews:


"You, your chef, and the rest of your staff did such a terrific job -- it completely lived up to our expectations and we had a really good time. To be honest, we were pretty sure our guests would, but weren't sure *we* would, and the fact that we did, and could relax and have fun, is in no small part due to how smoothly everything was running behind the scenes."
"The place looked lovely, and the food and drink were spot on. Everyone felt really well taken care of. We'll always have lovely memories of the event."
"I had a really special birthday celebration with 12 close friends in the Anniversary Room.  Our service was amazing and the space felt intimate and charming. It was wonderful to be able to show up and have everything taken care of for me."

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